IP Litigation & IPRs

The economic threshold for litigation and IPR’s counsel has dramatically changed.  Efficient and value-oriented legal services are of the upmost importance, especially due to the pandemic.  Thane Bauz brings more than two decades of AmLAW experience to the Court and PTO, and a highly focused team to reduce litigation fees and expenses.

IP Litigation & IPRs Service – FAQs

Does hiring big name law firms scare non-producing entities?

No. Non-producing entities often file “cost of litigation“ nuisance cases. Once well-known and costly law firms are retained, non-producing entities can safely assume that the settlement value has increased.

How does Bauz IP Law handle complicated hearings?

Thane has twenty-five years of experience in global law firms. He knows how to handle hearings and trials. As needed, he hires specialized U.S. companies that fully support his team. While every case is different, to date the results of our courtroom work have been stellar.

Why are Bauz IP Law’s litigation expenses inexpensive?

We only bill for attorney time. There are no billable hour quotas. We do not have internal profit centers. Use of specialized litigation support companies like Inventus help our attorneys focus on what they do best. The combination is a powerful value proposition.

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