Patent Portfolio Analysis

The economic crisis changed the way corporations value their patent assets. Thane has assessed both large and small portfolios to help corporate management make decisions concerning purchase, sale, pruning or growth of patent portfolios. Thane provides advise to clients so they can maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing technology market.

Portfolio Analysis FAQs

Why is IP portfolio analysis so expensive?

IP portfolio analysis is labor intensive. Bauz IP Law partners with specialized U.S. companies that offer excellent flat fee support services. The traditional law firm model is designed to maximize billable hours on complicated projects, not hire outside support services.

Does Thane add attorneys for IP portfolio analysis?

No. For large projects, Thane hires specialized and well-known IP companies such as Thomson Reuters. He oversees and refines their work product to meet his client’s needs. Thane has found that this arrangement is extremely cost effective and results in high quality work product.

Can portfolio analysis help reduce cost?

Yes. Portfolio analysis helps companies to optimize IP capture. It also identifies systemic weaknesses. Bauz IP Law has proven ways to help companies identify and capture the key IP assets.

Why should companies want information about the competitive patent landscape?

The main reason is to gain an understanding of competitors’ patent strategies and find “white space” for new technologies. This knowledge can also help companies avoid litigation through IP transactions such as cross-licenses.

Can portfolio analysis help settle cases?

Yes. Whenever a company is sued for patent infringement or seeks to avoid IP litigation by getting business agreements in place, it is important to evaluate more than a subset of patents.

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