Thane Bauz
Managing IP Partner

Trusted by Innovative Companies

Bauz IP Law LLP has been providing quality legal services for over seven years. Our clients include start-ups as well as corporations having over a billion dollars in annual revenue such as the largest strategic partner to Apple.

Our clients say that Bauz IP Law is “cost effective” and delivers “high quality services.” Thane has been lauded as an “excellent attorney,” “thorough,” and that he “explains legal issues in a simple and effective manner.”

After disengaging from a global law firm, the CFO of a publicly traded company praised Bauz IP Law for reduced costs, comprehendible billing statements, and favorable results.

Years of Patent Experience

While working for global law firms for over two decades, Thane focused on patent litigation.  In addition to his litigation practice, Thane was instrumental in helping clients respond to patent assertions, file reexamination/IPRs and assess infringement allegations. He leveraged that experience to guide clients with strategic IP portfolio-related decisions including licensing negotiations.

What we Offer?

IP Litigation

98% percent of patent litigation cases settle prior to trial. While every case is factually distinct, we have prevailed motion in limine, motion for protective order, and motion to compel in defendant unfriendly venues. Thane wants to keep his clients out of the courtroom, but when the other side is unreasonable, he works hard to get good results.

IP Litigation Service

In-House IP Counseling

Thane guides companies on IP capture, cost-effective litigation strategies, transactional issues, and the selection and management of outside counsel. He also can serve as “shadow counsel” for the in-house legal team. Having worked as in-house and outside counsel, Thane knows how to improve quality and reduce cost.

In-House IP Counseling Service

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Throughout his career, Thane has assisted companies in strengthening their IP positions. He helped manage sixteen thousand IP assets. Under his guidance, his team identified numerous IP “gems” including a portfolio certified by accountants at $500M. He also handled due diligence for large corporate clients interested in purchasing or selling IP assets.

Patent Portfolio Analysis Service

Licensing Negotiations & Agreements

Thane also guided clients with strategic IP portfolio-related decisions including patent pruning, licensing, patent sales, and agreements.

Billing &

We only bill for attorney time. We pass through expenses from our team without markups, and that simplifies bills for our clients. Clients praise us for our billing format. The billing statements are straightforward. Alternative fee arrangements are available because our platform is customized, streamlined, and efficient.

Our Value Proposition & Responsiveness

We eliminated billable hour quotas, minimized overhead, internal profit centers, and designed a comprehendible billing system. Our clients’ needs come first, that is the reason why we provide 24/7 communication, domestically and internationally. We value our clients and attend to their concerns, first and foremost, and that is why they keep coming back.

Requesting a consultation

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